Trevor Loucks

Quick About:

I grew up in Idaho and graduated from Boise State University’s School of Business. From 2012 to 2014 I taught music at AUCA in Kigali, Rwanda. After returning to the U.S. I founded and have been running the companies below in the marketing, tech, and music industries. 2014 to current. LinkedIn.

Companies Founded:

Hardly Creative

Direct response agency, religiously focused on ROI optimization for an impressive bench of clients.

92 Keys

Classical-Crossover band, for Violin & Piano. I am the pianist and songwriter for 92 Keys.


Record Label. Blending ad tech and music distribution to maximize catalog growth.

Dynamoi Publishing

Publishing arm for the label. Global collection of mechanicals & performance royalties from 60+ societies, covering 245+ countries/territories.

Partnered with

In association with Colonize Media, managing the marketing campaigns for a roster of world-class artists.

These businesses are a result of my passion for both music and delivering for clients.

Programming, songwriting, artificial intelligence, music performance, data analysis, and strategy development is quite an addicting lifestyle!

Bonus: I also love to write relaxing piano music. Listen here.